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Social Services

These are all geared specifically to the needs of seniors with services either “donations accepted” or with minimal fees.

Information and Assistance

This service provides information to individuals upon request. If it requires the assistance of another WCPA department, or an outside Social Service Agency, the referral is made and a follow-up contact is made. WCPA also assists with completing various application forms. Trained personnel and volunteers assist with Medicare, Medicaid, Income Taxes, and Insurance forms.


WCPA Outreach services are staffed by workers continually updated on current local, state, and national assistance programs, visit homes of county residence as requested, to identify their needs and assist them in getting the service to meet those needs.


This service allows seniors 60 and over to obtain transportation for any purpose (except medical emergencies) Transportation service is provided by RMTD. For senior passes, call the WCPA.

Call Rides Mass Transit District at (618) 993-1900

These services are available to those 60 or over residing in Franklin County or Williamson County who have been determined by a case manager to be physically in need of the service.

You may apply for the Household Aid Service or Caregiver Respite Aides Service by calling the Outreach Department at 618- 988-1585.

(Note: Some fees may apply for some services and are based on the income level of the client.)

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