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Household Aides

In-Home Service is available to people aged 60 and over in Williamson and Franklin County. Household Aides, or WCPA Homemakers, are trained to work in homes to provide assistance with basic household tasks including cleaning, essential laundry, meal preparation, essential shopping, and light house work that helps maintain a home. Hours of service are from 6AM to 8PM, Monday through Friday, and 8AM to 5PM, Saturday and Sunday.

Caregiver Respite Aides

Caregiver Respite Aides are available to offer in-home family caregivers some relief. This service also allows the family care-givers the ability to do out-of-home activities without leaving the homebound unattended. These aides may be scheduled for visits based on program eligibility requirements.

These services are available to those 60 or over residing in Franklin County or Williamson County who have been determined by a case manager to be physically in need of the service.

You may apply for the Household Aid Service or Caregiver Respite Aides Service by calling the Outreach Department at 618- 988-1585.

(Note: Some fees may apply for some services and are based on the income level of the client.)

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